Stop Rent Control

Proposition 21- Vote No on Rent Control

Rent control is the wrong approach to fix California's housing crisis. Attempting to reinsert failed strategies from the 1970s will not lead us out of our present housing crisis.

The Majority of Californians Agree

Proposition 10 was resoundingly shot down by two-thirds of California voters in 2018. This decision sent a clear message that Californians are against state and local governments overreaching by imposing unjust policies that take away the rights of property owners.

Not Everyone Is Listening

Despite the clear message from the 2018 election, some politicians are ignoring the will of the voters and pushing for more legislation that would undermine the defeat of Prop 10.

Instead of imposing previously failed policies, we want the State Legislature to resolve our housing crisis by creating more affordable and accessible housing options. Therefore, Californians must work together to:

  • Oppose rent control bills like AB 1482 that will only worsen our current housing problem.
  • Oppose the Weinstein rent control initiative. Weinstein, the millionaire backer of Proposition 10, is back with another rent-control initiative destined for the ballot in 2020.

We Are Here To Help

CalRHA is partnering with Capital Advocacy, an influential lobbying firm in Sacramento, to defeat rent control. We must make it known that this policy will aggravate the housing crisis by discouraging more rental units coming on the market and unjustly penalizing hard-working tenants who provide quality rental units to other Californians.

Your Voice Must Lead The Way

Elected officials have been chosen to represent your voice, and they need to hear from you! These officials need to listen to the real stories of men and women like you who provide safe and accessible rental housing and the specific ways rent control makes the housing crisis worse.

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